Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Welcome to All

Have utilized to publish address of this new blog;   Please feel free to add whatever 'floats your boat' in relation to your, or someone you know, personal experience with trichotillomania, an OCD (obsessive compulsive hair pulling disorder).  All entries, comments welcome.  Ideas on how to 'control' or 'extinguish' this disorder are particularly welcome.  Whatever phase, stage, age, gender, degree to which you experience this's OK.  This is a sharing community, here to support one another and, hopefully, provide some viable solutions.

Let your REAL feelings be known.  Please, just for sake of variety of readers, be 'expressive', which may include some 'colorful language', but keep it so it is suitable for others to read, absorb and, if wanting to, make commentary in relation to the posts.  Thanks and let's get this thing 'pulling forward'.......of course, pun intended~!!

J.T. Bean

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