Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Purpose of this blog.

Having lived with trichotillomania since around the age of 10 or 11, this blog's purpose is to express the 'life of its own' that the disorder has held upon me.  It is also with intent to engage others to share their own stories, openly and without judgement.  A primary intent is to provide support and enrichment to and for one another, as this is, most definitely, not an 'easy' disorder with which to live.  Positive coping suggestions are highly welcomed.  However, remember, these, again, are not professional methodologies.  They are personal feelings, expressions and possible strategies to 'live with trichotillomania'.  Also very welcomed are those who have had trichotillomania, but who no longer have the disorder.  What has been your experience with the disorder?  How long did you live with it?  When and how did it find its end? Do you experience times of regression back into the disorder?

Let's use this blog to its maximum benefit.  Let's bring trichotillomania 'out of the closet', if no where else but between us, those who live and cope and deal with it and its manifestations.  Welcome to "TrickyTrichy".  And thanks, in advance, for having the courage to participate and share what is, typically, a much chided, hidden and disorder of embarrassment.  Let's take the 'tricks out of trich'~!!!

Disclaimer:  This blog is not intended to be imparting clinical information in any fashion.  Even though I served in community mental health settings for nearly 20 years in a variety of capacities and hold an M.Ed. degree in both 'mental health counseling' and 'employee counseling' areas of study, this blog is strictly and absolutely non-professional.  Any information that is imparted in the posts that is professional, will be properly referenced.  If anyone contributes via posting any professional information, please ensure that proper referencing is attributed directly to the proper source(s).  Any posts that do not abide by such guidelines will be removed by the administrator of the blog.  Thank you~!

Disclaimer:  All posts become property of this blog administrator once posted.  Information may be used to enhance further comprehension of this Obsessive Compulsive disorder.  Never will anyone's information be directly referenced back to them personally or as an individual.  Information will only be used in a general sense, if used at all.  Thank you.

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