Friday, June 22, 2012

"HeartCore Inspirations"

What feelings are in your heart today? Since trichsters live much of their lives 'inside their own minds', there's a pretty strong probability that whatever thoughts you are entertaining in your mind are driving the feelings that are within your heart. 

Since one's internal feelings drive their external actions, it becomes vital to practice  'HeartCore Inspirational Thinking'.  Commonly known as cognitive restructuring in clinical circles, cognitive restructuring often works amazingly well, especially with consistent application of the process and, sometimes, in combination with a pharmacological regimen.*  Further, it is readily available with the simple flick of the mind's 'thought switch'.  For instance, if one's thinking is focused upon negative thoughts, it's simple to know that one's actions will, most probably, land on negative turf.  Flip that 'thought switch' from negative to positive and, nearly instantaneously, the world flickers a brighter, lighter flame.

Need more to prompt your mind to 'flick the switch'?  Try viewing photos~!  Most people are 'visual learners and responders'.  Therefore, pictures, photos, words of positivities are so powerful they can, potentially, engage one's mind immediately!  This is especially true if one has a COMMITTED investment in 'wanting to switch thinking'.  Stop the negative, engage the POSITIVE~!  Create, via your thinking, the chemical concoction you want your brain to produce.  For the brain, a miraculous gift we are given, will send these messages to your heart in the form of feelings.

We CHOOSE what we do or do not think.  The greater positive thinking we employ, the less anxiety and depression we hold within our beings.  We can train ourselves to actually 'control' the anxiety and depression.**  Thus, the less the obsessive thinking lent to 'pulling' BECOMES the less one 'pulls' compulsively.

Make that choice to think positively.  Realize that it takes practice.  LOTS of practice to create positive thinking and to sustain positive thinking ongoing. Step by step; babysteps.  And be plentiful in the rewards you give to yourself for each and every time you break the cycle of negative thinking, thus perhaps averting a 'session' of pulling~!  Know that BABYSTEPS are what produce desired results.  And to advance one step further what Ms. Ellen Degeneres says regularly, 'Be Kind to One Another.....And that Includes YOURSELF~!'

*  None of the materials suggested are intended to be of a clinical nature nor with medical advisement.

**  Please note that medications may be necessary to control anxiety and depression.  It is strongly suggested that one who experiences prolonged periods of these would be wise to seek counsel from a medical professional.  To not do so, may only set one's self up for failure, even to become medically compromised.  "Pull yourself up by the boot straps" does not work if one, in reality, is experiencing a medical condition, needing treatment via medical practitioner.  

"HeartCore Inspirations"; one more method to 'trick the trich'~!

J.T. Bean