Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We are NOT alone

The message is getting out there, loud and clear, about many topics that 'we are not alone'.  That is one of the most critical revelations one may feel, especially when it comes to a disorder such as trichotillomania.  Being tied so closely to other disorders, especially depression and anxiety, this knowledge can create relief nearly beyond comprehension. 

Comordibity is the clinical term used when there is the presence of more than one mental health diagnosis from which one suffers.  The secrecy, the repressive quality of trichotillomania exists also with those experiencing depression and anxiety.  Verbalizing to others becomes nearly impossible, or perhaps even impossible.  The shame,  the feeling that one is 'less than' others, 'different' from others is a rolling snowball, frequently built into a mountain of snow.  Often, however, depression and anxiety may be held secretly as they frequently do not show outward physical symptoms.  Yes.  One may be underweight/overweight, fidgity, unable to be calm, but others may merely write those off as 'that's just the way they are'.  With trichotillomania, there are the outward signs that others may clearly observe.  Missing eyebrows and eyelashes, patches of hair missing on the head and pubic regions (what a horror to experience in gym class where public showers are required) do not go unnoticed by others.  And when the trich sufferer 'feels' others noting these symptoms of the disorder, it feels exponentially worse to the trichster.  It takes on a life of its own, driving the trichster deeper into the 'hall of shame within' their heart, soul and mind.

Thus, expression to another or others becomes perhaps the first step in recovery.  And just as the snowball of shame grows, so, too, may 'relief via expression' grow.  It, too, may grow exponentially; tell one, tell two, tell four, tell eight.......  The point is, "tell".  Find a venue be it a blog, a therapist, a friend, a social media venue, perhaps even a cloud in the sky or your pet!  Express it.  Embrace it.  Revel in it.  Recover in doing so.  Next time you want to pull or you do pull......just remember, you are NOT alone.  You are not alone in pulling.  You are not alone in recovery~!  Breathe that into your Being.....and join me in our recoveries.

'til our next time together,
J.T. Bean